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Meet Your Rodef Rebels!

08/13/2021 02:16:59 PM


Rose Hornstein

The Rodef Rebels is an intergenerational softball team, where Rodef’s leading athletes play other local congregations throughout the Bay Area. “It is nice to interact with people of all ages, like all activities at Rodef Sholom.” said Val Hornstein, a Rodef Rebel player since the start of the team, which launched the Summer of 2012. 

The team meets on Sundays to play under the bright, blue skies of Marin County. Randy Kaplan, also a long time Rodef Rebel teammate, explains the game day itinerary, “It’s pretty mellow, we all show up, people introduce themselves, warm up a little bit. We do some hitting and playing catch, and then we start the game!” 

The Rodef Rebels take pride in the communal bonding and camaraderie of the team. Sports require clear communication in order to work as a cohesive group of players. “If one player does not do so great, another person can lift them up, it balances out. Softball is about giving it your best effort,” says Kaplan.

The Rodef Rebels range from ages 18-78 and all skill levels. Many players gained their love of sports from their parents, or grandparents. “My dad was very involved in sports, in fact, he pitched for the Toledo, Ohio B’nai Brith softball team until he was 85” recalls Chuck Wexler, who is currently the senior member of the Rodef Rebels. 

The Rodef Rebels bounce off of each other for moral and technical support. “You need to be respectful, to your teammates, the other team, the umpires, the rules and most importantly the game itself, and how it is played,” said Kaplan. The team consists of lawyers, restaurateurs, students, doctors, musicians and artists.

The general energy of the softball games is lighthearted and uplifting. Some players reflect on skills they bring from their professional career, onto the softball field, and vice versa. “I try to instill the aspect of respect to my kids. whatever it may be, giving it your all, your best effort, and in life that also relates to team sports” says Kaplan. Some players use these skills in their professional or personal lives, “I was in sales, a very competitive job force” says Chuck, “When it comes to sales, other people are looking to sell the same products as you. So the competitive-ness is there in both sales and softball. It is all about being well organized and efficient.” 

Bonding with teammates of all ages on the Rodef Rebels teams creates a fun environment, both on and off the field. Some players are joined by their family on the softball team, or in the stands. “My daughter wants to play, but she’s only 15 and a half, she plays for her high school team, she would totally be able to hang. However, my mom and wife come and cheer on in the bleachers, sometimes there will be eight people in the stands, it’s cute!” says Kaplan. 

Come cheer on your Rodef Rebels for the playoff game at Redwood High School, this Sunday, August 15 at 12:00 pm. Go Rebels go!

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