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Mitzvah Moments: Marilyn Aaron

02/02/2023 11:09:10 AM


1. What is your relationship to Rodef Sholom?

My entrance into Rodef Sholom was through encouragement by friends to join Women at Rodef Sholom. My involvement led to my membership in the shul many years ago. Since then I have been involved on and off. 

2. Tell us about your mitzvot.

During services in the Civic Center, two months after my 95-year-old mother died, I was standing in the aisle to touch the torahs. I broke down in tears for the first time. A member came to me, held me, and took me to sit with him and his wife. That mitzvah brought me back into the warmth of my community.

3. What have you learned through participating in this mitzvah?

The first time I attended Mitzvah Day, I chose the project of making blankets for kids. It was truly a mitzvah for me because I became more involved in Rodef Sholom. I now go to Friday night services regularly, took the prayer class with Cantor David, went to my first Shabbat Unplugged with Dan Nichols and more!

Tue, March 28 2023 6 Nisan 5783