Act By May 3 to Help End Gun Violence

Tue, 04/30/2019 - 12:39pm -- judyzimola

Once again, our hearts are broken at the news of a mass shooting in a house of prayer, this time at the Chabad of Poway.

Lori Gilbert-Kaye, z”l, a 60-year-old-woman, put herself between the wounded Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein and another bullet meant for him. Congregants chased the gunman out of the building when his weapon jammed. Throughout the tumult, Rabbi Goldstein finished his sermon, hand wrapped in his prayer shawl.

As much a part of our identity as our love of justice and kindness, we’re also people of infinite strength. We live every day with this truth. We will continue to bring the light of peace and justice to this world.

We are taking action now.

Rodef Sholom is partnering with The Religious Action Center (RAC) to reduce gun violence. Join the call-in campaign to Governor Gavin Newsom’s office April 29-May 3 asking him to include $39 million for grassroots gun violence prevention programs in his "May Revise" budget. Our goal is for 100 Rodef Sholom members to call in but we know we can reach 500 hundred calls by end of this week!!  CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED.

We pray for strength and healing for the congregants at Chabad of Poway, and that in our time, love, respect, and compassion for all people becomes the prevailing force. Our hope for a peaceful world will drive that work.