Can You Help Beeri's Family?

Thu, 08/08/2019 - 6:13pm -- judyzimola

Below is a message that's been forwarded from a few people in our community about a family who needs some help while their young son with cerebral palsy is being treated and rehabilitated. If you can help, contact Moji. Thank you for reading and considering their needs.

Update from Moji on August 9, 2019: "They found a place in Novato. It's an 'empty house' someone is giving them for the entire time. They will let us know what they might need as far as furniture, so stay posted."

Hi everyone,

Beeri is four and a half, and he has Cerebral Palsy. He is our son and the brother of Carmi, who is two years old.

We live in Israel, but in recent weeks, we have been in Saint Louis, MO, for a groundbreaking surgery and prolonged rehabilitation. The operation and recovery will enable Beeri to walk independently for the first time in his life.

As part of our rehabilitation process, we will also be in San Rafael in October, and we are looking for accommodation for the period we will be there.

We will appreciate any help at all…

What are we looking for?

  • A nice house/apartment within a half-hour drive from San Rafael (or less).
  • Within the period of October, November, December (we prefer living in the same place for long periods of course, but will consider any other logical option).
  • We are people of nature and outdoors - so for us home with greenery around will be excellent, but any other suggestion will be considered with love .
  • We are also people of dogs  and cats  (and horses ...) so if someone wants us to care for their pets while they are away - We'd be happy to do that.
  • We also pretty good with plants  - so if someone wants us to take care of plants - we'll do it with great love.

Any idea, even one that we have not mentioned here, will be accepted with great joy.

With gratitude and love 

Raya, Harel, Carmi and Beeri Avrutsky