Three Ways to Take Action NOW to Help Get Hugo Mejia Released

Wed, 10/25/2017 - 3:29pm -- judyzimola
Below is text from an email we received from the Venetia Valley Family Center regarding Hugo Mejia. There are some important actions each of us can take this week to help ensure Hugo is released on bond in a few weeks.
Update: Hugo is still being held at Rio Consume Correctional Center in Elk Grove, CA. On November 3 he will have been detained for six months, making him eligible for a bond hearing in front of a judge. 
Actions leading up the Hugo's Bond Hearing: As we wait to learn more details about Hugo's bond hearing, there are three important actions that each of us can take to ensure a positive result from that hearing - that he is released to his family on bond. We are asking each of you to:
Hugo Mejia1) Write a letter of support for Hugo Mejia that will be delivered to the judge prior hearing his case.
It is critical that the judge see and understand this community support for Hugo. If you wrote a letter of support for Hugo many months ago, please update it and/or write another. Previously our letters were gathered and given to ICE. These new letters will be delivered to the judge who will read and use them to inform his/her decision on whether to return him to his family and to our community on bond. If you have since met Hugo and/or his family, or as you have learned more about them, please share those details in your letter. As you shape your letter, you can look to a piece Hugo recently co-wrote with Cindy Knoebel, telling the story of his arrest and detainment
Also note that if Hugo is released he plans to continue to his volunteer work at the schools, in our community, and also plans to finish his GED at the Canal Alliance. If you would like, we have attached a template you can use for your personal letter. 
Please note that the template also asks people include proof of lawful status or print on company letterhead. If that is not feasible we can still include the letters, but the judge will give letters more weight if we have proof the letter writer has lawful status here.
Once your letter is complete, please mail it directly to his attorney:
  Lisa Knox
  Centro Legal de la Raza
  3400 E. 12th Street
  Oakland, CA 94601
At this time, letters should be received by Wednesday, November 1st.  
2) Sign this petition, which is being updated for Hugo and will be delivered to the judge
3) Share both the petition and letter writing campaign widely with your networks. 
More information and actions will be coming soon, as we learn more specifics about the hearing itself. Please know that the ways our community has continued to rally and support Hugo has been felt deeply by the entire Mejia family. The letters and visits that Hugo has received while in detainment have given him strength and have kept him hopeful. He continues to express the deepest gratitude to each of you and for this tremendous community support. 
Let's continue to work relentlessly to bring him home!
In solidarity,
The Venetia Valley Family Center