Watch Videos, RSVP for Events, and More When You Get the Voice Online

Wed, 08/21/2019 - 6:42pm -- judyzimola

We know how it is. You're reading the Voice and you find an upcoming event or class you'd like to RSVP to, especially during the weeks leading up to the High Holy Days. You make a mental note to get online and reserve your spot for Sukkot in the Home, Rabbi Stacy's upcoming End of Life Conversation Series, or the Women of Rodef Sholom's opening event featuring speakers from Planned Parenthood. 

But in your busy life, the mental note is buried. You forgot about the event until the day after. Rats. If only you could have responded while it was fresh in your mind.

A solution is available. Right now. It's free. It's timely. And it's great for the environment.

When you elect to stop getting the Voice via snail mail and instead receive it online, you'll have the opportunity to click on the links in the text and go immediately to:

  • the RSVP page 
  • our High Holy Days web page,
  • the signup page for Mitzvah Day
  • videos
  • and more!

There's more. In addition to saving resources, you're guaranteed to receive the Voice at least a 10 days before seeing it in your mailbox.