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On a hike in the hills, within the synagogue walls, or in the Holy Land itself.
And every day holds the potential for discovery.

Our Rodef Sholom community is immersed in lifelong, intergenerational learning.

We explore texts and traditions, pushing for ways to see the relevance in our own modern lives. Our children and teens engage in stimulating, interactive learning; adult members tackle issues from many perspectives, stretching minds through the exchange of ideas and drawing on the profound richness of our heritage.

Just as it has throughout our history, Jewish learning today stands as the foundation of meaning and purpose in our lives.


We strive to inspire students and their families to pursue lifelong Jewish learning that integrates Jewish values into everyday life.

Rodef Sholom’s Center for Jewish Living and Learning grows young Jewish minds, hearts and souls in a dynamic, inclusive environment where transformational learning experiences take place. Children in our congregation develop a deep sense of their Jewish selves and a strong connection to the congregation and to the greater Jewish community as they attend our educational programs from K-12. Learning opportunities flourish both inside and outside of the traditional classroom setting bringing inspiration from music, sports, art, and the outdoors into the educational experience. The educational environment integrates students of all abilities, teaching them to value and appreciate each other’s strengths and welcome differences.

As a community of learners at Rodef Sholom, we commit to a covenant of learning where we all participate in the education of each generation.

Rodef sholom, rodef limmud = Pursuers of peace, pursuers of learning.

Tue, March 28 2023 6 Nisan 5783