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Pack 'em Up, Move 'em Out

As we clear the way for our new Sacred Space, there are several tasks that we could use help with! Find one that suits you and contact the person to sign up. Thank you for your time and generous spirit. QUESTIONS or to find out how you can help in other ways, please contact Jeff Stone, Board Member.

ReHome Project Coordinator: As we are preparing to pack up and move out, we have many items that won't be coming with us. To avoid the landfill, we need one or more people to help us find new homes for perfectly good items that could be useful to someone else. Items such as wooden hi-chairs, sleeping mats, furniture, chairs, tables, etc. List of items will be provided. Email Sofie Goldstein

Historical Document Sifter: We have lots and lots of files with old photos and programs that need sifting. A low physicality project that may take a couple of days to complete. Grab a friend and spend a few hours going down memory lane! Email Judy Zimola.

Religious School Assistance: As you can imagine, there are lots and lots of fun items in the Religious School office space. They could use some help with packing, labeling, sorting. Wednesdays or Thursdays each week. Email Sofie Goldstein.  

Scanning Project: With this opportunity of purging the old and moving into the digital age, we have binders of musical pieces that need scanning and uploading to the cloud or our hard drive. Are you comfortable with technology and want to spend a few hours over a few days in our office to scan and organize for Rabbi Elana? Email Heidi Paul.

 Kitchen Clean Out: Monday, May 2 from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. Come help us schlep out all the kitchen items that we will be giving away, donating, rehoming. Lunch and drinks provided. Email Sofie Goldstein.

Religious School Scanning Project: Are you comfortable with a computer and scanner? We want you to help us become paper free! Scanning and organizing files to our hard drive. Email Sofie Goldstein. 

Memorial Board and Tree of Life Recording Project: Join Board Member Julia Dvorin in cataloging the plaques and leaves. Very fun and detail specific. Email Sofie Goldstein.

Tue, May 24 2022 23 Iyar 5782