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Worship and Lifecycle


Worship can awaken, animate, challenge and surprise.  It can shine a light in dark times and nurture gratitude for the gifts we have been given.

Rodef Sholom services are vibrant, musical, and contemplative, engaging our hearts and minds with the words of Torah.  At the center of our communal spiritual life is Shabbat: a chance to unwind and unplug, count the blessings of the past week, and embrace the prospect of the week ahead. Shabbat nourishes us spiritually, communally, and intellectually.

At Rodef Sholom, we actively explore, question, and affirm the holiness in our lives. No matter where you are on the belief spectrum -- confirmed in your faith or searching -- there is a welcome place for you at Rodef Sholom.

(from our V'ahavta statement)

It is no accident that Judaism encourages a minyan, or prayer quorum, for circumcisions and weddings. Jewish tradition insists that these moments need to be public, not private. For it is not only the individual celebrants who are touched at births and weddings. These are powerful moments that also enrich the communities that come to share them. Communities need moments when they can collectively express a prevailing optimism, when they can rejoice in the continuing possibility of hope.

-- Daniel Gordis, God Was Not in the Fire


At Rodef Sholom, we strive to be at the heart of our congregants' Jewish lives, honoring and facilitating Jewish life cycle events both privately and publicly. Our Shabbat services often include baby namings, wedding blessings and conversion ceremonies. We celebrate a bar or bat mitzvah on most Saturday mornings. Our clergy regularly officiate at baby namings, weddings, conversions, brit milah ceremonies, funerals and unveilings and are available to assist congregants going through all major life transitions.  Call the Rodef Sholom office at 415.479.3441 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our clergy.  For more information about specific lifecycle events, click here.


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