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Sacred community is an organization of relationships and acts by which we emulate God.  Synagogue is that set of relationships and acts, not a building.

At the very highest level, human beings innately seek the sacred and each other.  Just by virtue of our humanity, we ultimately are drawn to curiosity about God, connection with the sacred, a sense of life's purpose, and a place to build a life narrative alongside others who are doing the same thing.

-- Rabbi Lawrence Hoffman
Rethinking Synagogues - A new vocabulary for congregational life

All are welcome here.  Our community includes Jews by choice, parents raising Jewish children, interfaith families and partners, as well as Jews of all backgrounds, ethnicities and sexual orientation.

If you would like to join our congregation please fill out the Membership Form below, or if you have a question about our membership commitment policy, contact our Executive Director, Tracey Klapow, at 415.479.3441 or

if different from street address

Please fill in the following information as it applies to each child.
*Children* are considered age 25 and under. Children age 26 and over would require their own adult membership.

Please list contact information for someone who does not live with you.

Wed, October 5 2022 10 Tishrei 5783