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Mission and Goals

Kavanot כָוונוֹת

Our Neshama – “Our Soul”:

We aim to create a CARING, JOYFUL and ENGAGING environment, EMBRACING children in TK-6th grade from DIVERSE backgrounds, that allows for close FRIENDSHIPS to emerge, where a genuine sense of BELONGING to our community & to the Jewish peoplehood flourishes, and where MEANINGFUL EXPERIENCES related to the JEWISH heritage are discovered. 

We seek to inspire, energize and challenge our children through the power of Jewish ideas, values, rituals & traditions to DISCOVER their own path to an authentic relationship with Judaism. We aspire to instill in them a sense of excitement and CURIOSITY about Jewish life. We endeavor to support the cultivation of our children's UNDERSTANDING about the Jewish past, while being EMPOWERED to create a Jewish life in the present that is committed to TIKKUN OLAM (Repairing the World).


“Education means teaching a [child] to be curious, to wonder, to reflect, to enquire. The child who asks becomes a partner in the learning process, an active recipient. To ask is to grow. ” -Rabbi Jonathan Sacks 


Questions underlying our educational program: 

  • Who am I? 
  • What do I stand for? 
  • Where do I belong?
  • How can I help? 
  • What do I know? 
  • What can I do?
Fri, June 9 2023 20 Sivan 5783