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Rabbi Lara's June 22, 2018 sermon, "A Safe Life," delivered during Shabbat services following a chaotic week of immigration policy.

Stories of immigration told during the October 12, 2018 HIAS Shabbat services.

Mac Dollinger: Navigating Jewish Life in These Difficult Times



2019/5780 High Holy Days sermons

Rosh Hashanah

"Whose Life is This Anyway?" by Rabbi Lara Regev . text | audio
"We Define Ourselves" by Rabbi Stacy Friedman . text | audio
"Weaving Wounds Into Wisdom" by Rabbi-Cantor Elana Rosen-Brown . text

Yom Kippur
"What Are You Doing Here?" by Rabbi Stacy Friedman . text | audio
"There is Nothing So Whole as a Broken Heart" by Rabbi Elana Rosen-Brown .  audio
"My Mother and the Complexities of Love, Grief, and Memory" by Vivien Braly . text

2018/5779 High Holy Days sermons (text and audio):

2017/5778 High Holy Days sermons (text and audio):

2016/5777 High Holy Days sermons (text):

2015/5776 High Holy Days sermons (audio):

2014/5775 High Holy Days sermons (text):

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