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V’eem lo achshav, aymatai
ואם לא עכשיו אימתי

Now is the perfect time for us to re-envision each and every inch of our home so that we can best meet our evolving needs and potential. To do this, we will:

  • Replace aging structures that are becoming more costly to repair and maintain than to rebuild;
  • Design inviting multipurpose spaces that allow us to meet the full expression of our community’s interests and needs;
  • Become truly accessible and comfortable for all who enter our doors, with updated sound, temperature and security systems;
  • Build in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way, with a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor

When our founders built our current sacred space, they had a unique and inspired vision that included a communal “front porch”, a still and quiet pedestal for a monumental dome evoking Mount Sinai and the Burning Bush and lovely art glass and a sanctifying parochet, ark and ner tamid. A folding partition linked (or separated) our sanctuary and social hall for flexible use. It was a forward-looking and inspired design when it was conceived and constructed. And it stood the test of time exceedingly well.

As our congregation has grown from 300 to over 1100 families, our congregation has evolved and our physical and spiritual needs have changed. Today, as in the past, we’ve imagined what we and future generations will need to flourish in the decades ahead. We’re larger, more diverse, and more complex as a community than we’ve ever been. We’ve learned, through the COVID 19 pandemic, that we can gather, build and strengthen community in more ways than we ever imagined. Our new sacred spaces will serve us physically and spiritually and better serve our sacred purpose. A purpose that is ever-changing and adapting to both in-person and virtual interaction.

Our new spaces will be transcendent and transforming. They’ll incorporate natural materials, filter air, conserve and generate energy, and help sustain our environment. They’ll be welcoming and accessible to people of all physical and cognitive abilities. Timeless and thoughtfully-designed spaces combined with technical advances in sound and room acoustics, video displays, natural and artificial lighting, water-conserving devices and the ability to control security and thermal comfort both mechanically, electronically and passively will create calming and exuberant environments in harmony with nature.

Tue, May 28 2024 20 Iyar 5784